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A Call for Wellness Leadership in Nursing
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Studies have shown a direct link between staff wellbeing and patient care where staff wellbeing is greater, patient experience also increases.
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Possible solutions // How can nurses promote wellness in their lives? // Suggestions: Healthy food, Lifestyle changes
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Eat a healthy diet Avoid processed food, even when it's more convenient Grab a quick salad with a light vinaigrette instead Keep fresh produce on hand for a fast snack rather than chips or snack cakes
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Stretch often Stretching tired muscles will improve circulation and help prevent injuries from pulled muscles
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Face stressors head on Identify your stressors and come up with a plan to tackle them Adjust your sleep schedule so you're not as tired or wean off of caffeine to reduce headaches
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Build a support network Identify friends and family members that you can rely on for support or a sympathetic ear Make time with these encouraging individuals a priority
Take care of your own health It's surprisingly easy for healthcare providers to shrug off seeing a provider themselves. One recent study discovered 20% of nurses had symptoms of depression 75% experienced pain from a muscle strain or sprain  
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Recommendation // Small changes can make a big difference // Benefits: Better care, Positive attitude
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Take care of yourself and encourage other nurses to do the same
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Putting your own wellbeing first will ultimately benefit your patients as well
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Healthy nurses create healthy hospitals
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